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  • What is e-anjiyo
  • Registering
  • How does it work
  • Advantages
  • Uploading CD

E-anjiyo is a heart protection system that was created for patients with heart disease and patients who undergone coronary angiography procedure. The designer of the system is an interventional cardiologist. The creator of the system saw that most of the patients lost their angiography CD. The patients who undergone coronary angiography procedure can not take their angiography CD and results to every where. For example, you are at holiday or you are at another city for work. Suddenly you have a chest pain and heart attack and you visit a doctor. Doctor asks for your angiography results or angiography CD. But you don't have it. Your angiography images and results are very important for doctors to decide which treatment is better for you. It is not possible to reach your angiography images and results for doctors at that time. This will cause to delay your treatment. E-anjiyo makes your angiography images accessible via internet from any where at any time. It is not problem where you are, your angiography images will be ready wherever you are. This is an international application. You can register and upload your angiography CD to the system by yourself easily. E-anjiyo makes healthcare quality and speed better for you.

You can register to our system via Internet. If you have undergone coronary angiography procedure before, our system is suitable for you. Take your angiography CD, enter to our website, click "buy now" button. You will fill the form. When filling the form especially user number is important for you. You will login to system with this number and your doctors will access your angiography images with this number and the number of card that we will post to your address. Then you will be redirected to the payment page, after payment your membership starts. Now you can upload angiography CD to our system by using our user friendly upload interface. If you have angiography CDs with prior dates, you can also upload them. There is no limit to upload angiography CDs you have. Your membership continues one year. We will post an e-anjiyo card to your address that has a special number and this number is necessary to view your angiography images on the e-anjiyo website.

You registered to the system. Your angiography CDs uploaded to the system. We will describe the advantages of e-anjiyo with various scenarios.

Normal Clinical Visit:
When you visited a cardiologist, he asks you for your prior angiography CD or results. It is enough to give to the doctor your e-anjiyo identity card. By using informations on the card, your doctor will access your angiography images faster than opening of an angiography CD. It is not important where you had coronary angiography procedure, the important thing is your angiography images and results are accessible from every where at all time.

In an emergency :
You have heart disease and you are a member of our system. You are at a trip for work. Suddenly, you have heart burn. You are in the emergency department of the nearest hospital. If you are our member, doctors in the emergency team will access your angiography images and results quickly with the informations on your identity card. As a result, they will treat you accurately and rapidly. Our system saved a lot of life and will continue to save more lifes.

You don't need to take your angiography CD to where you go.

It is not problem to lost your angiography CD and reports.

Your angiograpy images and results will be accessible from every where at all time.

Small details will save your life.

You will be protected by heart protection shield(e-anjiyo) every where in the world.

You can upload your angiography CD with ONE CLICK

To upload angiography CD to our system, you must be registered. If you want to test our system, you can use our demo upload system without registration. After registration, select "INSERT ANGIOGRAPHY IMAGES" from the menu and you will see the upload form. In the upload page, click the upload files buton. Our system will search your CD reader and find angiography images in it. Then starts to upload. If JAVA plugin is installed in your system your files will be uploaded succesfully. But if you don't have JAVA plugin , you must download it from JAVA WEBSITE and install. Then you can start again. Login to the system with your user number and password and then start to upload your angiography CD with one click.

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